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Ukraine Daily Brief Newsletter – Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The latest episode of the Ukraine Daily Brief Podcast is now live. Please be sure to listen and review (we know that many of you are receiving the podcast in our member feed, but reviews help with discoverability). Some notable links referenced in today’s podcast can be viewed here.

The War

Ukrainian marines in Mariupol, surrounded and out of ammunition, brace for their ‘last battle.’ Russia ‘fast-tracks’ the adoption of Ukrainian children orphaned by Russian forces in another likely violation of the Geneva Convention. Russian forces leave a deeply traumatized population in their wake.

Austrian chancellor Nehammer’s visit to Moscow provides insight into Putin’s ‘logic of war’ mindset, but accomplishes little else.


The EMEA Credit Derivatives Determinations Committee (CDDC) is tasked with determining whether Russia’s sovereign debt payments in rubles constitute a default. Munich RE looks to exclude war from its cyber insurance policies. Illegal currency trading is back in the former USSR.


Despite recent pledges, Meta falls short in ‘moderating’ Russian propaganda.


FSB Colonel General Sergei Beseda is sent to an infamous KGB prison, Lefortovo. There are additional reports that Putin concurrently ‘purged’ 150 FSB officers, recalling the Stalin era yet again. The mayor of Warsaw takes control of a purported Russian ‘spy nest.’ The Russian journalist who famously staged an anti-war protest on live Russian state-sponsored television is hired by Die Welt.

U.S. and the World

Biden signals optimism for US-India relations following a virtual meeting with Prime Minister Modi. Lawmakers renew their effort to close a notorious AML loophole: real estate. Turkey finds a way to profit from both sides of the war. Japan imposes sweeping sanctions against Russian citizens and organizations. 

Russia allows ‘forcibly re-registered’ aircraft to operate without certificates of airworthiness. Russian aircraft can still fly to 52 ‘friendly countries’ in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.

DSR Exclusives

On tonight’s episode of Deep State Radio, host David Rothkopf and regulars Rosa Brooks and Ed Luce will speak with former US Ambassador to NATO, Ivo Daalder.

Tune in to tomorrow’s podcast for new and evolving stories.

The DSR Network Team (Chris Cotnoir, Grant Haver, and Katherine Hill)

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