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Unhinged MAGA Media Figures Are Already Prepping for Trump’s Next Coup

How Fox News and other MAGA media outlets are deceiving millions of people to lay the groundwork to help Donald Trump overturn a loss this fall—and why that's so deeply dangerous.

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Earlier this month, Donald Trump refused to commit to accepting the outcome of the 2024 election, shamelessly declaring he’d only do so “if everything’s honest.” Translation: He’ll only treat the outcome as valid if he wins. Infuriatingly, Trump has crucial backing for this project: Fox News and other MAGA propaganda outlets are already laying the groundwork to treat the outcome as illegitimate, should he lose. We talked to Matt Gertz of Media Matters, author of a new piece detailing how these right wing media figures are “warning” that Democrats intend to steal the election, and why that could produce another Jan. 6th or worse.

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