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We are at 65 9/11s and Counting…Where Do We Go From Here?

The two defining crises of the past 40 years in the US have been the 9/11 attacks and the COVID crisis.  In both cases, government lies and bad government policies made matters much worse.  In both cases, hundreds of thousands died as a result.  The wars that resulted from 9/11 still fester.  And as for the COVID crisis, we could see the number of dead in the US double before the end of the year…because the president is so resistant to doing what’s right.  With the publication of Bob Woodward’s new book, all this is reframed and we discuss with two of America’s leading experts, Pulitzer Prize-winner Laurie Garrett and former Obama WH senior health official Dr. Kavita Patel.  Join co-hosts Ryan Goodman of “Just Security” and NYU Law School and David Rothkopf for this vitally important episode.

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