What Grade Does the Country Get on Holding the Trumpists Accountable for the January 6th Coup Attempt? – Episode Transcript


Note: This transcript is machine generated and lightly edited for speaker names.

Congressman Eric Swalwell has been one of the leading voices in the US Congress demanding that the former president and those around him be held accountable for their violations of the Constitution and their oaths of office.  Swalwell’s book “Endgame: Inside the Impeachments of Donald J. Trump” was among the first insider looks at the impeachment process and the paperback edition, out now, has an extensive update to look at the January 6th attack and the subsequent second impeachment of the 45th president.  We discuss the book and his view of where the efforts to bring Trump and those around him to justice stand.  Don’t miss it.

What Grade Does the Country… by The DSR Network

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