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What If Shattering Norms Was the Right Thing to Do, But We Shattered All the Wrong Ones?

Donald Trump has made narcissism the central organizing principle of his government.  It used to be said institutions were the lengthened shadow of one man.  In the case of the US government today it is the lengthened shadow of one man’s psychopathology.  Every decision, every action turns on whether Trump and those close to him feel it is good or bad for him personally.  And half of America is cool with him shattering norms of law and good governance because they feel DC is broken and doesn’t work for them and maybe shattered norms are the way to fix it.  And with 40 years of inequality and increased power to the 1% who can blame them?  The question is, did they pick the right norms to shatter?  And is Trump really on their side?  That’s what campaign 2020 is going to come down to–but there’s a twist.  Some of the Dems want to preserve the norms that have screwed the majority of Americans for the past forty years as well.  So…where’s this all going to end up?  We discuss with the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent and Ryan Goodman of NYU Law School and Just Security.  Don’t miss it.

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