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What Next for the 1/6 Commission…and for the Resurgent COVID Epidemic

On this special super-sized (hour-long) edition of Deep State Radio we review the auspicious launch of the January 6th Commission with former US Attorney Barb McQuade and NYU Law School’s Ryan Goodman and then we have a discussion of what can be done about the stunning and disturbing resurgence of COVID across the US with Dr. Kavita Patel.  What do the insurrection, the defense of domestic terrorists behind it and the rejection of science, vaccines and masks that have fueled this new wave of the pandemic have in common?  Tune in to find out.  (Already know?  Well, tune in to find out how pissed off it makes us.  Plus: New discounts for the vaccinated!)  All on Deep State Radio, the first podcast in America with a vaccine mandate!  If you’re not vaccinated…don’t listen!

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