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What’s Better Than Listening to Your Crazy Relatives Talk Politics?

Psssst.  Put down that drumstick.  Push back from the Thanksgiving table.  You don’t need any more of that pumpkin pie.  (And we say that as your friend.)  We have something better for you to do, in keeping with the spirit of the day and much less likely to drive you crazy than your relatives.  Join us for Deep State Radio’s special Thanksgiving feast featuring Ed Luce of the Financial Times, Kori Schake of IISS and Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law in which they offer up all that they are thankful for.  Guess who said she’s thankful for Garanimals matching outfits.  Guess who said she was thankful for the fact that we’re not living in a full-on apocalypse.  Guess who said he’s thankful that American Thanksgiving is late in November so it pushes off the start of “Christmas bollocks.”  Tune in and hear these views and also somewhat more serious perspectives on what’s going right in the world.  (And if you can’t pushback from the table…wear earbuds and listen to us during the meal!  Enjoy!)  Happy Thanksgiving from Deep State Radio.

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