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What’s Next for the Axis of Assholes?

Trump has forged an indelible bond not with our allies nor with the American people (a majority of whom can’t stand him) but with a group of really bad men worldwide who are not just evil, they’re creeps.  Vlad.  Bibi.  Duterte.  And of course, now topping that list Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.  Trump’s defense of MBS and his indefensible crimes–from murder to torture–and his and MBS’s strategy has counted on the rest of the world not caring for long about those crimes.  But in Europe, governments are standing up to the Saudis and against the US position.  And soon this going gap, between most of the nations of the west and Trump and his Axis of Assholes, may be on display at the upcoming G20 meeting.  Kori Schake, Mieke Eoyang, Rula Jebreal and Emily Brandwin discuss what to expect from Trump, MBS and their not-so-nice friends.

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