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What’s Worse Than America Failing Its Allies?

Donald Trump’s America has so alienated our traditional allies that when Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump went to the Munich Security Conference this past week, they were humiliated on more than one occasion by a clearly hostile crowd.  But our problem is not just that America is rejecting principles on which it has built its security for decades.  Our allies are faltering and facing deep problems of their own.  Brexit is the worst example.  But everywhere you look there are others.  That means we won’t just be able to hit reset when Trump leaves office (if he ever does).  We may need to start from scratch with new ideas about new alliances for a much changed world.  Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law and Ed Luce of the FT discuss whether there are any signs of those new ideas being cooked up now…anywhere.  The answer is…well, let’s not spoil it for you.  But bring a stiff drink (or several) for this one.  Join us!

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