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Why Is Adam Schiff Making the President So Nervous?

Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, is a soft-spoken, thoughtful man who does not at first glance seem to be the kind of person who might put a fright into the most powerful man in the world.  But Schiff’s announcement of his committee’s scope for its investigation into Trump, his family and the financial ties and foreign influence that might have compromised them has sent Donald Trump into a fit of name-calling and personal attacks.  Our exclusive conversation with Schiff reveals his new agenda, how his GOP predecessors running the committee may have fallen short…and why they may be targets of the investigation itself.  Typically, for the Stanford and Harvard-educated Congressman from the LA-area, he also places the investigations into context even as he enumerate countries, organizations (the NRA) and people who may be in his sights.  You won’t want to miss a minute of this news-filled conversation.  Tune in!

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