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Why Joe Biden Will Run for Re-election

The Blob: A Weekly Report From Deep in the Deep State

This column begins a new weekly, members-only series of in-brief reports by DSR host David Rothkopf.

He just moved to Washington, DC again after several years living in New York City. Why? Good question. Glutton for punishment, probably. But one of the reasons was to get closer to the stories and people that drive DSR content and also, as it happens, American politics and policy. This column is one of the new windows into what he hears in and around DC and, periodically, from his exchanges with government officials worldwide.

It is called the Blob because that is what the foreign policy establishment that was the primordial ooze from which Deep State Radio crawled six years ago was called by the Obama Administration. While the term was probably not a compliment, we at Deep State Radio have a tradition of turning such language on its head and embracing it. Further, based on 30 years of experience in and around the foreign policy establishment, we have found it is an interesting place to be full of fascinating people.

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