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Why the Impeachment Trial Might Be the High Point of Donald Trump’s Year

If and when Nancy Pelosi decides to sends the articles of impeachment to the Senate, the odds of a fair trial are slim to none.  (Aw, who are we kidding?  They’re zero.)  Trump will be acquitted.  He will have a celebratory press conference and declare he has been exonerated, an end to the hoaxy witch hunt.  But will his legal troubles stop there?  What about as more details of his crimes are revealed?  More cover ups take place and are revealed?  Other trials reveal more evidence against the president and his men.  We discuss with former US prosecutor Harry Litman, Just Security Editorial Director Kate Brannen and Just Security co-editor Ryan Goodman why things might go from bad to worse for Trump and why it could all go on for years.  Also discussed: The aftershocks of Kate Brannen’s scoop revealing the unredacted contents of communications on the Ukraine scandal that incriminates the president and reveals deep fissures within the Trump Administration.  And: Can the president just go around knocking off any foreign leader he wants?  Join us.

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