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Why the Kennedys Suddenly Fear RFK Jr. Is a Secret Spoiler for Trump

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s third-party bid gains traction, the extended Kennedy clan is poised to play a critical role in stopping him from pulling votes from President Biden.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential run is inspiring new fears among Democrats that he will help Donald Trump win the White House again. Meanwhile, Kennedy’s campaign is now expressing confidence that he’ll appear on the ballot in all the key swing states and beyond. So it’s notable that the Kennedy clan is taking urgent new steps to mobilize in responseagainst their own family member’s candidacy. We chatted with Jill Lawrence, a veteran journalist and author of a new piece for The Bulwark on this dynamic, who explains the remarkable role the Kennedys are poised to play in stopping RFK Jr. from serving as pro-Trump spoiler.

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