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Yet Again, Shady Judge Cannon Does Trump’s Bidding—But It May Backfire

A legal scholar explains why Aileen Cannon's latest pro-Trump decision might not help him in the long run—and why he may still face more criminal trials before the election than expected.

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On Tuesday, Judge Aileen Cannon temporarily denied special counsel Jack Smith’s latest request for a gag order on Donald Trump. Smith wanted to stop Trump from repeating the lie that the FBI was set to use lethal force on Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Cannon said No, but she may feel pressure to grant the gag order later, lest Smith seek her removal. We talked to legal scholar Matthew Seligman, who has done great work road-mapping Trump’s legal travails, about why Cannon’s move may not help Trump in the long run—and why it’s premature to assume he won’t face a federal criminal trial before the election. Listen to this episode here.

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