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You Don’t Call Halftime an Intermission: My Conversation With Former Football Pro and Political Commentator Donté Stallworth.

When I confessed to Donté Stallworth that when we first started following each other on Twitter I had no idea he played football, he had a surprising reaction…he was thrilled.  Donté has seamlessly made the career transition from football player to political commentator. He’s regularly seen on MSNBC, CNN and he’s written for HuffPost, among others.  We had a wide-ranging conversation about the politics of football, Trump’s influence over the game, Deflategate, 2020 candidates and most importantly why Bill Belichick always looks like he’s passing a kidney stone.  I never thought I would talk football but I also never thought Trump would be President.  So Donté was the perfect guest to discuss the collision of these two worlds.

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