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2008 Redux?

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How is “America First” doing? Well, it’s prompted the US Federal Reserve to cut interest rates this week, a quarter of a percent. The “Fed” is America’s central bank, tasked with watching over money. Among its priorities is to keep inflation in check and employment high. Its main tool: interest rates. Cutting rates, more money is available, because borrowing costs are low. More money, in theory, means more economic activity. That’s good, right? Not in this instance.

Fed chair, Jerome Powell, who has been skeptical of rate cuts in a healthy economy, said the rate cut on Wednesday was necessary because of “weak global growth and trade tensions.” Yeah, America First. Trump’s trade war with China and his propensity to level tariffs at countries (including India, South Korea, Japan, and the European Union) has hurt business confidence.

Trump has long been berating the Fed, which is an independent body, to cut interest rates significantly. (So, you guess it, he’s not happy with the quarter of a percentage cut.) The last rate cut, before Wednesday, was in 2008, during the financial crisis. Janet Yellen, Powell’s predecessor and the first woman to hold the job, raised rates during her tenure, which ran from 2014-2018. (That prompted Trump to call her “crazy.”) Yellen’s rationale was that in a healthy economy, the Fed’s job was to tighten monetary policy, that is reduce the flow of available money, in order to prevent “overheating,” or inflation.

Wednesday’s rate cut is intended to counter the economic slowdown and avoid the economy from going into recession. The trouble is, pumping free money into the system might just cause a “bubble” and, thereby a financial collapse, which might get us there anyway.

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