Welcome to the home page of Deep State Radio.  If you are not a member of the Deep State (or at least a listener to Deep State Radio) turn back.  Or at least, abandon all hope ye who enter here.

This website has been created by the mysterious operators behind the Deep State Radio Network for the members of our Deep State Radio community.  In fact, we are all about that community, a place where insiders from the intelligence, national security and foreign policy communities can interact with those who are most interested in these areas worldwide.

Our goal is the same as on the Deep State Radio podcast: To provide smart, informed, sometimes impassioned, sometimes profane, often edgy or funny insights into the most important issues of our time.  We want to do this by bringing together experts and, increasingly, via this site, new voices that are not able to be heard but who have something important to say.

Over the next weeks and months you will see the content of this site grow from being podcasts (which are obviously all here) and transcripts of the podcasts (which will be added over the month ahead), but also new features that give you more insights like “Rants” (opeds you can listen to) and “Briefs and Debriefs” (in-depth explainers you can listen to), a daily newsletter (coming soon), links to websites our experts follow, Twitter feeds from our experts, a Deep State Swag store and…soon, video, live events, interactive podcasts, and other new stuff.

It’s not going to be fancy. We believe in the old Deep State point of view that its not the trenchcoat that counts, it’s what’s inside the trenchcoat.  (Meaning that we\’re going to spend our money on quality insights and not so much on fancy apps or graphics.)

Of course, another part of the site is Members Only content.  That is created to give folks an incentive to help us grow and evolve and serve our community by joining up as Deep State members—the proceeds of which go to help pay for the podcasts and for the new services we want to offer.  We’ve been going for a while on our own nickel and frankly, we have been shocked at the growth and enthusiasm for the podcasts. Pleasantly shocked.  Very pleasantly.  Now, we hope you’ll reward our investment with a little of your own—perhaps the price of a latte or two a month, to help us grow.

Our promise is: If you do, we’ll try to grow in ways that are responsive to your interests and that provide you with perspectives you can’t get anywhere else.  We’re different…because you’re different.  Help us to stay that way.  Or get even weirder.  That’d be good too.




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