Deep State Daily: Mass trials in Turkey, OPEC denies ‘cartel’ label

February 12, 2019

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Acting Secretary of Defense in Iraq to Discuss Syria, Iran, & US Troops

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan made his first visit to Iraq today. Secretary Shanahan is expected to discuss President Trump’s surprise announcement that some US troops would shift from Syria to Iraq to watch Iran. Iraqi President Salih’s public rejection of President Trump’s announcement underscores the growing unpopularity of the US troops’ presence in Iraq. Defense analysts caution that US troops are still needed to protect the US-allied Kurdish forces that President Erdogan has repeatedly threatened. Shanahan is expected to meet with European officials later this week to coordinate efforts amidst a US troop drawdown.

Turkey Issues 1,100+ Arrest Warrants, Erdogan Accuses Vendors of ‘Food Terrorism’ Ahead of Elections

Turkish prosecutors have issued an additional 1,112 arrest warrants for individuals suspected of following Pennsylvania-based Turkish imam Fethullah Gulen. Erdogan has pinned 2016’s failed military coup on ‘Gulenists’ and has ordered the arrest of more than 300,000 (10% of Turkey’s public sector) since 2016. An additional 160,000+ have been economically-blacklisted: dismissed and barred from leaving the country and from holding employment. This latest round of arrests come as the Erdogan administration prepares for elections next month. Meanwhile, Erdogan has blamed Turkey’s soaring food prices on acts of ‘food terrorism’ committed by Turkish vendors. Economists point to soaring inflation and Erdogan’s recent rejection of an IMF loan.

Trial Starts for 12 Catalan Separatist Leaders Involved In 2017 Independence Bid

Twelve Catalan separatist leaders appeared before a panel of seven Supreme Court justices in Madrid earlier today. The defendants were ministers in the Catalan regional government and are being tried for holding an unapproved referendum on Catalan independence in 2017. Prosecutors allege that the referendum sparked a constitutional crisis and have charged the defendants with rebellion, sedition, and misuse of funds. Catalans separatists have dismissed the case as ‘vaudeville’. In response, the Spanish government has published documents illustrating judicial processes and will broadcast the trial live. If found guilty, some of the defendants face sentences of 25 years in prison.

OPEC Production Falls on Output Cuts, Officials Insist the Group Isn’t a Cartel

Global oil prices have stabilized after OPEC further cut oil production. Saudi Arabia led the effort, and OPEC’s secretary-general is now urging other members to follow through with their promised cuts. Analysts caution that OPEC’s market power has diminished significantly. However, US lawmakers are considering legislation to weaken OPEC’s power by making it subject to antitrust laws. In response to the proposed US legislation, OPEC’s secretary-general insisted that the organization wasn’t a cartel.

US Lawmakers Reach Tentative Deal to Avert Shutdown

Top congressional negotiators reached a tentative agreement on a deal to fully reopen the US government and avoid another shutdown ahead of Friday’s deadline. Negotiations have stalled on and centered around border security. The deal will have to pass through both chambers of congress as well as the President. Although the agreement partially finances construction of new barriers along the US-Mexico border, President Trump has insisted on $5.7bn to construct a wall. The proposed wall has met tough criticism from US border states—California has withdrawn their national guard troops, calling the situation a “manufactured crisis.”

PODCAST: What If We Were President?

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EARLY ACCESS PODCAST: What Do Virginia’s Confederate Monuments Have to Do with Foreign Policy?

Virginia’s leadership mess obscures deeper problems within the state…and the country.  How do our flaws–from racism to anti-semitism to our corrupt current leadership–impact America’s standing and create opportunities for our enemies? Join Rosa Brooks, Evelyn Farkas and host, David Rothkopf for an introspective journey into our moment and what to do about it. Tune in!

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