Ukraine Daily Brief Newsletter – Monday, April 11, 2022

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The War

Russian forces kill more civilians in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian forces manage to repel some attacks. Ukraine’s human rights ombudsman, Lyudmyla Denisova, says that deportees to Russia will be given local passports, constituting a ‘direct violation of the Geneva Convention.’ Putin and Lukashenko will meet in the Amur Oblast in Russia’s Far East, inviting speculation about China’s participation. 


Russia waives currency trading commissions in an effort to prop up the ruble’s value while the exodus of educated Russians continues. Mitsubishi halts some operations in Russia, citing logistical issues. SocGen bids Russia au revoir.


Finland’s defense ministry experiences a DDoS attack. YouTube cancels the Russian Duma channel for violating terms of service. 


Boris Johnson makes a ‘surprise’ visit to Kyiv. The UK and Germany decline to send tanks to Ukraine; the UK offers money and anti-tank missiles instead. Ukraine now wants to buy Marder tanks directly from manufacturer Rheinmetall, a deal which still requires German government approval

Austrian chancellor Karl Nehammer visited Kyiv and is slated to meet with Putin in Moscow. Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, urges OSCE expulsion for Russia. Germany’s foreign ministry condemns closures of German and international human rights organizations in Russia. Artist Elena Osipova is a ‘symbol’ of the anti-war movement in Russia. Pro-Russia, anti-’Russophobia’ protests in Frankfurt predictably result in a backlash. Estonia cancels the visas of people displaying ‘Z’ and other pro-Russia symbols. 

U.S. and the World

Desperate, nearly 3,000 refugees from Ukraine enter the US through Mexico. The US deploys a Patriot missile system to Slovakia. China is supplying Russian ally Serbia with surface-to-air missile systems. Biden and Modi meet virtually while US and India’s defense counterparts meet in person.

DSR Exclusives

On the latest episode of Deep State Radio, host David Rothkopf discusses geopolitical uncertainty and emergency response with Juliette Kayyam.

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