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Monday – Our Deep State Radio episode will feature a conversation with host David Rothkopf, Evelyn Farkas, Rosa Brooks and Molly Jong-Fast.  They will be discussing the tragic mass shootings in Texas, California and Ohio.  The podcast will be available early to members and to everybody on Tuesday.

Thursday – We’ll record the podcast on Thursday from our NYC based studio.  This episode will focus on impeachment and Trump’s legal issues.  Host David Rothkopf will be joined by MSNBC legal analysts, Barb McQuade and Katie Phang.  It will be released Thursday evening to members and Friday to the main podcast feed.

UnredactedDSR – Given recent events, we’re going to re-release the Shannon Watts episode later today or early tomorrow with a new introduction. We also have two brand-new episodes queued up, with the first of those dropping on Thursday for members.

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Last Week From The DSR Network


On this edition of National Security Magazine we have an in-depth discussion with former Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin about the president’s proposed leadership change at the top of the US intelligence community and the risks that may be associated with it.  McLaughlin, one of the most respected career intelligence officers of the past several decades, discusses his concerns and also his great confidence in the professionals of the countries intelligence and law enforcement agencies.  A must listen.


Now that a majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives support an impeachment inquiry and the House has argued in court that such an inquiry is already under way, the question becomes where does it lead?  How do you frame impeachment articles that best hold the president accountable for his crimes and how do you ensure that with or without a vote on impeachment, the inquiry does the most good for the country.  Also: What happens after Trump leaves office?  Should he be prosecuted or not?  Former US Attorney and regular MSNBC commentator Joyce Vance and NYU Law School Professor Ryan Goodman, co-editor of “Just Security” join us for a very important discussion on one of the biggest issues of our time.  Tune in.

If they election were held today, who would you vote for?  Poll.

Last week, we introduced our new and improved transcripts.  The transcripts are downloadable and if you visit the transcript link, you can skip to specific sections of the audio or follow along in real time.  Visit this link to check out the new features.

Each week, we’ll highlight a podcast from our archive.  This week, we highlight the 100th episode of Deep State Radio, with Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, David Sanger and Ed Luce.

Rosa Brooks: 5:45
Not so great in the US. I mean, I agree with Kori, there are a few good signs that a few other nations are attempting to defend the rules-based order, although unfortunately not all of them. But right here in the United States, the biggest assault on the rules-based order domestically, unfortunately appears to be coming straight from the White House. As we record this podcast, we’ve just had a series of batshit crazy Trump tweets to the effect that he can pardon himself, and the Special Counsel’s unconstitutional, not to mention things coming out of his administration and close advisors, to the effect really it’s like they have the whole Nixon, if the President does it, it can’t be illegal. Which people have used as sort of a by word and a warning for decades now, they seem to be regarding that instead as a script, that they have been handed.

David Rothkopf:  6:44
They’ve gone a step further than Nixon, because I don’t actually recall Nixon having his lawyers publicly state that he could shoot the former head of the FBI.

Rosa Brooks: 6:52
Right, well, you know, it’s only a small step from Trump himself claiming he could murder somebody right on 5th Avenue and it wouldn’t make any difference to his base, and now we have the logical extension of that is Rudy Giuliani saying that he could in fact shoot James Comey. Rudy did seem to feel that he would be impeached if he were actually to shoot James Comey. So, to be fair to Rudy, there was some vague political limit. Rudy did seem to think that might be a politically unpopular action.

Listen to the entire episode.

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