Deep State Daily: Pompeo Launches Central Europe Tour, Acting Defense Chief in Afghanistan

February 11, 2019

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US-China Trade Talks Resume in Beijing as US Navy Sails 2 Warships in Disputed South China Sea

The US trade delegation arrived in Beijing earlier today to resume high-level trade talks aimed at resolving the ongoing trade dispute. Since setting the March 2 deadline over dinner at the G20 summit, the Trump administration has increased pressure on China’s Huawei telecom equipment manufacturer, and both sides have increased their presence in the South China Sea. As the US delegation arrived this morning, the US Navy conducted freedom-of-navigation exercises with two guided-missile destroyers near the contested Spratly Islands. China has condemned the naval operation.

Pompeo Launches Tour of Central Europe

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Budapest, Hungary earlier today to launch a five-country tour aimed at countering Russia and China’s growing influence in Central Europe. Later this week, Mr. Pompeo is set to meet with officials from Slovakia, Poland, Belgium, and Iceland. Pompeo specifically addressed growing reliance on Russian energy and on China’s telecom equipment. With over $1.2bn investments in the country, Hungary is one of Huawei’s strongest European partners.

Maduro Seeks OPEC Help Against US Sanctions, Shifts Assets to Russian Bank

Venezuela’s embattled President Nicolas Maduro has asked OPEC for support against US sanctions on state-owned PDVSA oil firm. Despite having the world’s largest oil reserves, Venezuela continues to reel from acute political and economic crises. On Saturday, PDVSA told customers to make deposits in a new account at Russia’s Gazprombank. On Sunday, Gazprombank denied having opened a new account for PDVSA. Meanwhile, OPEC has decided against creating a formal alliance with Russia, citing concerns over possible US anti-cartel legislation.

Acting Defense Chief in Afghanistan to Promote Ghani’s Role in Peace Talks

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan arrived in Afghanistan earlier today for an unannounced visit to meet with President Ashraf Ghani and other Afghan government officials. So far, President Ghani’s administration has not been party to the US-Taliban peace talks. Defense analysts point to increasing uncertainty about any peace deal which excludes the current government. Talks have intensified since President Trump’s surprise announcement of the withdrawal of US troops.

Congressional Negotiators on Border Security Funding Meet As Another Shutdown Looms

Top Congressional negotiators met earlier today in an attempt to avert another government shutdown by Friday’s deadline. Congress has until midnight on Friday to pass a series of seven spending bills. Lawmakers have stressed their commitment to avoiding another shutdown; however, officials from the Trump administration have cautioned that the president has not ruled another one out. Sticking points in today’s negotiations have centered around the number of ICE detention beds.

Iran Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Iran celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution amidst soaring inflation and unemployment. The Iranian Rial lost 70% of its value in the past year alone. President Hassan Rouhani claims that the country is in the midst of “a psychological and economical war, waged by cruel enemies.” Rouhani and other Iranian officials claim that the country’s economic hardships are due to the renewed US sanctions. Despite widespread, popular support for the Islamic Revolution, many Iranians have lamented the lack of progress in implementing structural reforms and tackling corruption.

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