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FP Interrupted: 2018 Book Edition

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We’re keeping it short and closing out the year in FPI this week. We’ve got a quick review of what you need to know this week below. Before we get to that, we wanted to let you know that we’ll be off for the holidays and back in action in early January. We have lots of exciting changes that are coming then. 🤩 🙌 Stay tuned. In the meantime, thank you for reading. We’re grateful for your enthusiastic interest and support. Happy holidays and an even happier New Year. 🍾🎉🌟

Have you been having a hard week? Theresa May feels you. She put off a vote on the deal she brokered with the European Union on Brexit and survived a no-confidence vote. That means she gets to stay in power at this critical time.

  • Was Theresa May’s sunk cost on her EU withdrawal deal the blunder that saved Britain from Brexit? Polly Toynbee on the likelihood of a second referendum. (The Guardian)
  • Britain may be headed for a constitutional crisis over Brexit says Rachel Shabi. (The Nation)
  • Theresa May is determined — and doomed. Rosa Prince looks at the political challenges that face Britain’s prime minister and what’s ahead for her and the UK. (NYT)

Angela out, Annegret in
On Friday, Germany’s ruling Christian Democratic Union party elected Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer to succeed Angela Merkel as party leader. What comes after the Merkel era? Anna Sauerbrey discusses. (NYT)

How do you deal with migrants around the world? A new UN-led agreement outlines ways to cooperate on refugee & migrant issues. About a dozen countries pulled out. Surprise: The US was one. Tania Karas has the brief on the new global migration pact. (IRIN News)

Gender study
New America’s Heather Hurlburt, Elizabeth Weingarten, and Elena Souris put out an important study this week: It’s a look at the role of gender in national security and foreign policy. (New America)

And speaking of gender – women getting interrupted….

  • Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office is all American women, says Anushay Hossain. (CNN)
  • President Trump’s interruptions of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are part of a long tradition of men talking over female colleagues, Amanda Mull writes. Congresswoman, Interrupted. (The Atlantic)

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