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Justice Started Out Blind, But at the Moment that May be the Least of Her Problems

Have we ever seen an Attorney General so contemptuous of the law? A Department of Justice so dedicated to promulgating injustice? A judiciary so full of political hacks and incompetents? The U.S. justice system is broken and few weeks have illustrated that quite so well as the one just passed–from the effort to oust the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York to a court ruling supporting the politically-motivated DoJ efforts to drop charges against Michael Flynn, from hearings revealing political bias and pressure with Main Justice to further revelations about Bill Barr’s heavy hand in directing the police against peaceful protestors in Lafayette Park, it has been a profoundly disturbing week. We discuss it and what the summer may hold with three exceptional experts, former US Attorney Barb McQuade, former US Attorney Harry Litman and NYU Law Professor and co-editor of “Just Security” Ryan Goodman. Join us for an eye-opening discussion.


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