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Preparing for the Next Trump-Barr Crime Wave: Stealing the Election

Thanks to his trusty personal defense attorney Bill Barr and his defender in the Senate Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump has gotten away with betraying his country, enriching himself at the expense of the public, sidestepping national security rules, quashing his opponents and rewarding enemies of the US around the world. But, for now, we have to view that as water under the bridge. An election is coming up and everything Trump and Barr have said or done this week and over the past few weeks makes it clear that they will stop at nothing to win or to discredit a loss should it occur. They will suppress votes, make it harder to vote, send federal forces into Democratic cities, undermine the Post Office, issue reports targeting the Obama Administration, seek dirt from Ukraine on Joe Biden…and much, much more. We discuss where all this may lead with an amazing panel including former US Attorney Barb McQuade, counsel to House Impeachment Committee Norm Eisen, former US Attorney Harry Litman and Ryan Goodman of NYU Law School and co-editor of “Just Security.” Don’t miss this vital discussion.

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