The 2019 Summer Reading Episode

The Deep State Radio summer reading episode aired last Thursday on May 23, 2019 and featured recommendations from Deep State Radio regulars Ed Luce, Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, and Evelyn Farkas.  You should of course listen to the podcast to get all the details, but we’ve put together the list of recommended reading and links (all of the images are clickable).  Happy Reading!

Kori Schake Recommendations

  1. Circe by Madeline Miller – “weaves together so many interesting narratives from ancient literature”

2. Educated by Tara Westover – “writes about her experience growing up in a home schooled environment and what she learns going out into the world”

3. Small Boats and Daring Men: Maritime Raiding, Irregular Warfare, and the Early American Navy by Benjamin Armstrong – “fabulously swashbuckling”

4. Grant’s Final Victory: Ulysses S. Grant’s Heroic Last Year by Charles Flood –  “Grant races against time to finish his memoir”5. The War That Killed Achilles: The True Story of Homer’s Iliad and the Trojan War by Caroline Alexander – “exploration of warfare in the Iliad”

Edward Luce Recommendations

  1. Everyone should read volume 2 of the Mueller Report!
  2. Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe: From the Ancien Régime to the Present Day by Sheri Berman – “history of democracy in Europe over the past 400 years”

3. Crashed: How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World by Adam Tooze “in the United States and Europe, the 2008 financial crisis caused a fundamental reconsideration of capitalist democracy, eventually leading to the war in the Ukraine, the chaos of Greece, Brexit, and Trump”

4. Doing Justice: A Prosecutor’s Thoughts on Crime, Punishment, and the Rule of Law by Preet Bharara – “delightful, philosophical explanation of how the justice system works”

5. The Great Successor: The Divinely Perfect Destiny of Brilliant Comrade Kim Jong Un by Anna Fifield “if you’re looking for a great book about Kim Jong Un, this is the one to read”

Rosa Brooks Recommendations

  1. The Mars Room – A Novel by Rachel Kusher – “Its 2003 and Romy Hall, named after a German actress, is at the start of two consecutive life sentences at Stanville Women’s Correctional Facility, deep in California’s Central Valley”

2.  The Way of the Gun by Ian Overton – “lifecycles of guns”

3. The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America by Timothy Snyder – “describes the more subtle ways in which authoritarianism and Facism are reemerging in both America and Europe”

4.  The Jungle Grows Back by Robert Kagan

5.  Grave New World by Stephen King – “a controversial look at the end of globalization and what it means for prosperity, peace, and the global economic order”

Evelyn Farkas Recommendations

  1.  How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt – “a quick read that Evelyn says everybody should read because it hits home; it describes the 4 things that every autocrat does 1. Refuse to play by the rules of democracy, 2. Delegitimize opponents, 3. Tolerate or encourage violence and 4. Curtail the civil rights of political opponents and the media”

2. Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World by Anand Giridharadas – “Rather than rely on scraps from the winners, we must take on the grueling democratic work of building more robust, egalitarian institutions and truly changing the world. A call to action for elites and everyday citizens alike”

3. A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City: A Diary by Anonymous – “story about how men and women cope with rape as an extension of occupation and war”

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