The GOP Has Become a Racist Party

For those waiting for GOP outrage at Trump’s racism-it’s been central to his brand & therefore theirs since day 1. So too has been proving aid & comfort to an enemy, obstruction of justice,contempt for the rule of law at home and abroad, attacks on a free press, rape & sex abuse.

In other words, the GOP won’t express outrage because they aren’t outraged. They support the racism, the traitorous behavior, the sexual predation, & the efforts to undermine the Constitution and have proven it over and over and over again. They are not amoral, they’re immoral.

They’re not spineless in the face of the bully who runs their party, they are active collaborators who have been given a hundred chances to declare they were better than him and regularly chose to declare they were just as bad. Their vision of America is clear. It is white, male dominated, corrupt, anti-science, anti-history, anti-fact, anti-Constitution, anti-rule of law, anti-international system, pro-Russian, pro-dictator and pro-authoritarian, anti-environment, anti-human rights, anti-everything good that America has stood for.

Stop trying to pretend they’re better than that and just intimidated. Stop trying to pretend they will come around. They are where they have chosen to be. They are where they want to be. They are working around the clock to bring America there with them.

They are not potential partners. They are threats to our way of life, our leadership, the legacy of all the best American leaders who have come before. The sooner we have clarity on this, the sooner we will focus on the existential necessity of defeating them in 2020.

But if there is a lesson to this period, it is that we must not only win, but we must do so while placing our most important principles first and resisting the temptation to make the kind of compromises that led the GOP to be what it has become.

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