The One, The Only… Hillary Clinton!

UNREDACTED spent an afternoon with Philippe’s former boss, Hillary Clinton. More precisely, Emily & Molly interviewed Hillary in her Washington, D.C. home for over an hour while Philippe made himself comfortable in her house and backyard. (When you listen you’ll hear why he excused himself; and at the end you’ll also hear us at his house telling him what he missed.) Hillary discusses events of the day, events of yesterday, events of tomorrow — everything we threw at her while sitting around her dining room table — including the Republican assault on Roe v. Wade, the differences between Richard Nixon and donald trump, trump’s “pathetic” cabinet, Rudy Giuliani’s two-decade long fixation on her, and her one-on-one meetings with more than half of the 20+ Democrats running for President. The interview was so long and so good we didn’t want to cut anything to make it fit into one episode. So we split it down the middle with the second half coming shortly. Enjoy…

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