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Ukraine Daily Brief for April 15, 2022

The thirty-fifth episode of the Ukraine Daily Brief from the Deep State Radio Network.

Stories cited in the podcast:

Moskva sinking: What really happened to the pride of Russia\’s fleet?

U.S. cannot \’take lightly\’ threat Russia could use nuclear weapons – CIA chief

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Helicopter Strike on Border Town

Russia strikes outskirts of Kyiv with cruise missiles, Russian Ministry of Defense says

Biden ready to go to Ukraine

Moldova accuses Russian army of trying to recruit its citizens

China Defends Stance on Russia After U.S. Criticism

Putin tells Europe: You still need Russian gas but we\’re turning east

EU closes loophole allowing multimillion-euro arms sales to Russia

The U.N. warns that the war has disrupted the flow of food, fuel and money around the world.

UK seals deal with Rwanda to offshore asylum seekers

Strains in German coalition as junior partners turn on Scholz over Ukraine

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